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Discreet, no fuss service

Medico Hygiene Service provides a service that offers your organisation a discreet, no fuss, professional and comprehensive service. Let us deal with all your washroom products and upkeep, from sanitary services to air fresheners, infant napkin disposal services and Urinal Deep Clean Services, so your staff and stakeholders can enjoy a more pleasant environment without the fuss of maintenance.

Medico Hygiene Services is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

We have an extensive, established customer base covering the entire state of Victoria – not just Melbourne – including the High Country – from Warragul through to Sale, on to Bairnsdale and Omeo, then Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham.  Also Melbourne to Healesville and onto Mansfield, through to Bright and Mt Beauty and all of the North East of Victoria, to Falls Creek. We are also able to provide sharps disposal and washroom hygiene services in Sydney and surrounds and can arrange these services throughout every State in Australia ; please ring our main office to enquire.

Regardless of size, we treat all of our customers with the same caring and attentive service on which we have built our reputation. Medico Waste Disposal and Medico Hygiene Services has NEVER lost a client due to a servicing issue - we DO offer a 100% service guarantee that is undoubtedly, second to none!

Care always comes first

We consider our industry to be service and client-centric. Our washroom hygiene and sanitary  services include technical advice on all washroom requirements. Our Sales and Service Teams work together to provide a level of service that we believe is unsurpassed in the market. Their professional demeanour is characterised by courtesy, discretion and quiet efficiency.

Medico Hygiene Services also offers a flexible invoicing plan that allows the economical provision and maintenance of your sanitary bins and other amenities. We provide no-obligation free of charge washroom audits and quotations throughout our service areas.

Look in the washroom of any reputable business, school or hospital and chances are you'll find our name...Medico Hygiene Services.

It's a statement that says you care about your staff, patrons and customers. Just as we care about ours.

Some important considerations

Everyone likes a washroom to look and smell clean. However, appearances can be deceptive. Often a pleasant odour is only masking the presence of bacteria that poses dangerous health risks.

The moist environment of a washroom is one of the most prolific breeding-grounds for bacteria, which can lead to throat and respiratory problems, as well as stomach upsets and other diseases. From sanitary disposal to surface sanitisation, there are several critical control points to consider. Illness among your staff is counter-productive, so it is good business sense to ensure a fresh, hygienic washroom.

All of the products and services offered by Medico Hygiene Services have the dual function of providing a hygienic as well as aesthetic environment.


Air Fresheners


Medico Hygiene Services offers a range of modern air freshener units to enhance the atmosphere of your washroom or any other area of your building.

Remember, a fresh scent creates an immediate impression on visitors and staff alike and profoundly influences people's perceptions of your business.

The AD260M (photographed) is an automatic aerosol/insecticide unit that releases a scented spray at adjustable intervals. We have a large range of fragrances that are specifically designed to eliminate offensive odours.

Don't underestimate the power of smell.


Sanitary Disposal Bins

Sanitary Bin


Medico Hygiene Services provides a flexible, reliable Sanitary Disposal Service that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

An efficient sanitary disposal service is imperative for all female washrooms.

As well as convenience for all women, an efficient system can save the cost, inconvenience and embarrassment that result if sanitary products block your septic system when flushed down the toilet.

The sanitary disposal units are specially constructed, free standing units with a two way, modesty flap lid enabling contents to be hidden from view at all times.

The sanitary disposal units contain Sanitary Grains, naturally formed absorbent granules combined with a bactericide and fungicide in a dry form. Safety data outlining chemical ingredients and their properties is available.

Our fully trained and experienced staff provide a discreet, hygienic and efficient disposal and maintenance service.  A service docket is left after each service, as confirmation of our attendance.  Most times, our clients don’t know we have attended the site till they see the service docket, and viewed their sign in/sign out book.


Urinal and Toilet Sanitiser's

Toilet San

Toilet San


Medico Hygiene Services fits and maintains sanitisers for urinals and toilets.

There are 2 styles of sanitiser units:

  1. Internal Units where the cistern of the urinal and/or toilet is easily accessible
  2. External Units, where the cistern of the urinal and/or toilet is not easily accessible

Both units are serviced on a regular service frequency.  At service time, the units are opened, the refill canister/tube is replaced, the unit is cleaned and checked that it is correctly operational.

Wherever possible, we strive to take an environmentally aware stance by thoughtful selection of the treatments. Safety data sheets can be supplied outlining ingredients and their properties.


Medico offers an extensive Urinal Deep Clean/Descaling service using Bacterial based products to combat the problem issues of uric acid build up.  The build-up of the acid in and around the urinal troughs, porcelain urinal bowls surrounding walls, tiles and the floor area is the major cause of unpleasant odours.

Our service team complete a quarterly full deep clean service of the urinals (including the pipes), a full clean of the surrounding walls and floor area and place Bacteria based  Bio Blocks in their ‘cages’ into the urinals.

In addition, every 4 weeks our staff complete a general clean of the urinals and the surrounding areas, and replenish the Bacteria based Bio Blocks.

Safety Data Sheets can be provided for products utilised during the Deep Clean/Descaling services.

Nappy Disposal Bins

Nappy Bins


We provide 42-litre nappy disposal bins for baby change stations/parents rooms and disabled toilet facilities.

As with our sanitary disposal service, our fully trained service staff provide a discreet and efficient disposal and maintenance service that suits your requirements.

Safety data can be supplied outlining granules ingredients and their properties.

These bins are ideal for use in shopping centres, child care centres, hospitals and schools/facilities for special needs clients.


Vending Machines



We install and service a range of easy-to-operate vending machines for condoms, tampons and sanitary pads.

The vending machines feature two or three chutes.

The presence of these machines makes a strong statement to staff and visitors and that is, you care about their well-being.


Butt-Out Bin

But Out Bin


Why a "Butt-Out Bin"?

Does not take up much room to entrances or doorways, and fits neatly on a wall, pole, handrail or as a freestanding unit.

No rough edges and is made of high grade stainless steel.

Cigarette-butts are not accessible once inside the unit.

Cleaning, with a safer alternative of the key latch system, is so much easier and no foreign objects are handled.

Flap door key operated for non-contact emptying.

Vandal proof, when bolted to a wall with tamper proof bolts from But-Out.

The bins are waterproof and have a three year guarantee against irreparable damage.

Butt-Out Bin's come in two convenient sizes.

Delivered within 5 working days of order.

We Supply and Install.


Toilet Seat Cleaner

Seat Clean

Seat Clean


Take a seat

We offer a simple and very cost effective solution to sanitising toilet seats in the public arena and/or office environments.

The Antibacterial Toilet Seat Cleaner enables everyone to wipe the toilet seat using a small amount of toilet paper, a small spray from the unit, and a quick wipe-down of the toilet seat.

A sure, safe and simple solution is available, at very reasonable prices.

The sanitising liquid has been developed in a research laboratory and has been tested on bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Streptococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and on Candida albicans, organisms which can be present on toilet seats.

A closed pump system, made of high quality self lubrication plastic, ensures correct delivery of the sanitising liquid. The cleaning liquid is stored in a light weight plastic pouch and is equipped with a Clean Clic® connector which opens the pouch when it is connected onto the pump.

The system is environmentally friendly as the liquid is more than 95% biodegradable. The pouch can easily be recycled!




Our friendly, informed sales consultants would be happy to supply you with further information and/or a prompt, obligation-free survey and quote at your convenience!

Please call Medico Hygiene Services on (03) 5144 6059 or

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We look forward to serving you!


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