Medico Hygiene Services

Medico Hygiene Services is the division of Moconna Pty Ltd that provides complete sanitary and washroom services. The division was established in 1994 and now services locations throughout Greater Gippsland, North East Victoria and South Eastern NSW into the Canberra region.

Because Medico Hygiene Services is servicing clients in the Gippsland region 5 days per week, North East Victoria and Southern NSW 4 weekly, we can offer a prompt and flexible service. Our vehicles are constantly available to deal with any problems promptly and efficiently.

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Our sanitary bin service involves 4 weekly servicing of units. High use areas can be serviced more frequently on request. Our staff monitors the usage of the units at each service, and will advise clients if a potential problem arises, and if more frequent servicing is needed.

A feature of Medico Hygiene Services is our discreet service. Our Service Team Leaders are neatly dressed in uniform and carry all supplies in a closed sports bag. The operator provides each location with a delivery docket as proof of service.

Medico Hygiene Services provides a complete range of washroom products including automatic air fresheners, sanitary vending dispensers, W/C & Urinal sanitising units, anti bacterial toilet seat wipes, anti bacterial hand wash units and infant nappy disposal units. We are happy to quote for these services on an individual basis.

All Medico Hygiene Services operations are covered by Moconna's Quality System to ensure that service standards are maintained and continually improved. Scheduling of services, vehicle maintenance, operator training and safety are set out in Quality Procedures. There are specific Work Instructions relating to all our products and services.


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