Moconna Pty Ltd is a family-owned business centred in Sale. It provides a comprehensive range of waste management services throughout greater Gippsland and is a leader in waste management technology.

Moconna Pty Ltd was established in 1978, trading as Kwik Tip Bins. Managing-Director, Mr Glen Stephenson, introduced the business of industrial waste disposal to Sale and the surrounding district. Kwik Tip Bins started through the initiative of Mr Stephenson who developed the process and the technology following business connections made in New Zealand. He obtained rights to the technology and adapted it to local conditions.

In 1988 the company expanded to encompass Medico Waste Disposal. This was established to fill a need in the Gippsland region for the collection of biomedical and prescribed waste from hospitals, surgeries, clinics, health services and veterinary practices. Medico Waste Disposal introduced the Elotown system of re-useable sharps containers in Gippsland.

Moconna Pty Ltd obtained relevant EPA waste transport permits and has also gained accredited agent status. Transport permits now also cover the movement of pharmaceuticals, photographic waste and organic solvents.

The company holds a licence from the EPA to operate schedule 4 premises for the storage of cytotoxic and clinical and related wastes. Waste material is stored in a refrigerated container until transported to an approved disposal facility. The container store is bunded and connected to the sewer. The bunded area also includes a hospital grade sanitiser for cleaning sanitary bins.

Medico Hygiene Services was introduced by Moconna Pty Ltd in 1994 to provide sanitary and washroom hygiene services. It now services more than 400 locations throughout greater Gippsland.

Moconna Pty Ltd has a history of introducing innovative solutions to waste management problems. Managing- Director, Mr Glen Stephenson maintains a strong network of contacts in the industry, both in Australia and internationally. As well as providing waste removal services, Moconna offers its clients advice on waste minimisation and on the latest technology and industry trends.


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